How to Steal ALL Long Tail Keywords from other Websites

Website Keywords Stealer Software Crawls ANY Entire Website or Blog and Extracts Long Tail Keywords from each Page or Post

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Website Keyword Stealer crawls every page of ANY website or blog converting page and post names into long tail keywords phrases allowing you to steal their keyword research efforts in seconds.

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Website and blog owners today, as a standard part of SEO, name their pages and posts to include the long tail keyword phrase they are attempting to rank for that page. (see best way to name pages for seo).

For example, if a blog owner creates a page he is optimizing for the keyword phrase "long tail keyword phrase ideas" he will name the page long-tail-keyword-phrases.htm or long_tail_keyword_phrases.htm.

Website Keywords Stealer software knows this and takes advantage of this by crawling and finding EVERY PAGE on a website or blog (even pages with the robots directive of noindex and/or nofollow) extracting the names of every page and post, replacing the hyphens and underscores with spaces providing you with a list of all the long tail keyword phrases that site/blog is using.

What's the Value of Stealing Website Keywords?

Why spend lots of time on keyword research when most blogs and websites have already done the work for you?

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Website Keywords Stealer also stimulates ideas for content creation on your own website as you scroll through the giant list of long tail keyword phrases being used by any website.

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How to Use Website Keywords Stealer Software

  1. Double click AffiliateSwitchblade.exe to run the program.
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  2. Click the button that says Website Keywords Stealer.
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  3. Enter the url of the website you want to crawl and steal keywords from.
    Image of Affiliate Switchblade Website Keywords Stealer textbox to enter crawl url.
  4. Select the minimum character length of the long tail keywords you want Website Keywords Stealer to grab.
    Image of Affiliate Switchblade Website Keywords Stealer Minimum Keyword Phrase Length Selection Box.
  5. Press the Steal Keywords button.
    Image of Affiliate Switchblade Website Keywords Stealer 'Start Stealing Keywords' Button.
  6. Website Keywords Stealer will start crawling from the url you specified in step #3, finding all the links belonging to the root domain in step #3, crawling each of those pages, etc. until Website Keywords Stealer has crawled all the pages on the website. Website Keywords Stealer will even crawl pages that are specified as noindex and/or nofollow.
  7. For every web page Website Keywords stealer finds during its crawl it will extract the page name of each of the web pages replacing any - or _ word separaters with spaces and if the length of the keyword phrase is at least as long as the number of characters you specified in step #4, place the keyword phrase in the keywords textbox.
    Image of Affiliate Switchblade Website Keywords Stealer long tail keyword phrases extracted from the website being crawled..

Website Keywords Stealer Software Additional Features

  • How long Website Keywords Stealer will take to crawl every page on a website and extract all the long tail keywords is 100% dependant on how large the website is. This keywords software is program to allows a few seconds pause between page crawls so as to not jam up the website.
  • At any point during the crawl process or when the crawl of the entire website is complete the list of keywords and associate url can be saved to your computer.
  • Each of the keyword phrases can be selected and right click context menu will allow you to search the keyword phrase on Google and/or visit the web page on the website where the keyword phrase was extracted during the crawl process.
  • Image of Affiliate Switchblade Website Keywords Stealer right click context menu.

Video of Website Keywords Stealer in Action

Website Keywords Stealer costs a ONE TIME payment of $19 and is part of a giant suite of affiliate software programs which means Website Keywords Stealer comes with many, additional, powerful, affiliate software programs (see below).

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it and if you have ANY questions about Stealth Affiliate Links you can call me directly (see below) or email me.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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