Free Script Obfuscator Software To Encrypt + Decrypt Script Code

Free Script Obfuscator + Deobfuscator Software To Encrypt + Decrypt Script Or Html Code

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100% Free Software to Obfuscate or de-Obfuscate Script Code to Completely Encrypt or Decrypt Javascript or HTML Code. Hide the intent of source code on your blog or website. Reveal the intent of your competitors scripts on their sites.

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There are numerous benefits to Obfuscating Script Code:

  • You have Javascript code that you don't want you website visitors to know what it does.
  • You want to use grey hat (or black hat) Javascript code (i.e., Javascript Evil 4 Affiliates) that you don't want the search engines to be able to read or understand?
  • You wish to minify your Javascript code so your website pages load faster for your visitor.

There are numerous benefits to de-Obfuscating Script Code:

  • You want to check out an affiliate competitors Javascript code but its encrypted.
  • You have obfuscated script code and you wish to de-obfuscate it to edit it.

Watch this short video showing how Affiliate Switchblades Script Encrypt Decrypt Software works.

Using this Free Script Obfuscator to Encrypt or Decrypt code is as Simple as putting the Code in the top textbox and pressing either the Encrypt or Decrypt button.

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This Free Script Obfuscator + de-Obfuscator software is easy to use but comes with step by step instructions, with video, should you need assistance. You may also call us (860)733-5441.

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