How To Sign Up For Bitly Url Shortener And Get Access Token

Step By Step Instructions, With Pictures, Of How To Create An Account At Bitly Link Shortening Service And Get Access Token To Use With Affiliate Switchblade Software

To use the Bitly link shortening service in the AffiliateSwitchblade URL SHORTENERS software you first have to create a Bitly url shortening account. Here are exact step by step instructions on how to create a free account and get an API key to use with any software or app requiring the API key.

➀ Go to the Bitly account creation page. Click the SIGN UP link.

Image of Blitly link shortening service sign up page.

➁ Fill out the Bitly sign up form.

Image of Bitly sign up form.

➂ After signing up, click your username. This will bring up a menu. Click on the SETTINGS menu item.

Image of Bitly settings menu.

➃ On the Bitly settings page click on the link that says Click Here to verify your account. You will receive and email with a verification link. Click on it to verify your Bitly account and complete the signup process.

Image of link to verify Bitly account.

➄ Go to Confirm your Bitly password and click the Generate Token button.

Image of Bitly apps authorization password confirm page.

➅ You will see the long string of numbers and letters which is the Bitly Generic Access Token.

Image of where to find the Bitly access token.

➆ Copy and paste your Bitly Access token into the Bitly access token textbox on the AffiliateSwitchblades URL SHORTENERS page. This is saved for you when you close the affiliate software so it is there next time you run Affiliate Switchblade. From then on you can get shortened links from Bitly by simply entering the link you want to shorten in the textbox and click the Shorten button in the software.

Image of where to place the Bitly access token in AffiliateSwitchblade software.

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