How To Sign Up For Adfly Link Shortener And Get Api Key & Uid

Step By Step Instructions, With Pictures, Of How To Create An Account At Adfly Link Shortening Service And Get Api Key And Uid Number To Use With Affiliate Switchblade Software

Adfly is not only a link shortening service but they also pay you ever time someone clicks on of your shortened links.

The way works is the shortened link displays an advertisement first for five seconds to the person who clicked you Adfly shortened link. There are then redirected to your long url.

To use the Adfly shortening service in the AffiliateSwitchblade Url Shorteners software you first have to create an account at the Adfly link shortening website. Below are exact step by step instructions on how to do this.

➀ Go to Adfly website and click the Join Now button.

Image of Adfly home page screen.

➁ Fill in your details to create your free Adfly account.

Image of Adfly sign up form.

➂ The next page will ask you to confirm your email address you just used to create the Adfly account.

Image of Adfly email verification page.

➃ In the verification email there will be the web address to verify your email with Adfly and an activation key. Paste that verification number into the Adfly verification page.

Image of Adfly verification email.

➄ You will see an account activation success confirmation page.

Image of Adfly account creation success confirmation.

➅ Log in to Adfly with your email and password you just used to sign up.

Image of Adfly account creation success confirmation.

➆ Once logged in you will be in your Adfly control panel. Click on Tools at the of the page.

Image of Adfly main control panel.

➇ Click on API Documentation on the left hand side of the tools page.

Image of Adfly tools page and where to click for API documentation.

➈ The API page will have your Adfly API key and UID on it.

Image of Adfly API key and UID number.

➉ Here is a close up of the numbers with the API key and UID key circled (don't bother trying to use these as this is just a dummy account).

Image of magnified view of Adfly API key and UID number.

➀➀ Paste these number in the appropriate textboxes in the AffiliateSwitchblade software program as shown below. These numbers are automatically saved when you close the program so every time you start AffiliateSwitchblade there are there for you. At that point all you have to do to generate a shortened Adfly link is click on the Adfly checkbox, enter the long url you want to shorten and cloak and click the Shorten button.

Image of where to paste the Adfly API key and UID in Affiliate Switchblade software.

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