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Library Of Numerous, Very Powerful, Affiliate Script Code (Javascript + PHP) For The Affiliate Marketers

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Arsenal of unknown, High Powered Affiliate Script Codes specifically for the Affiliate Marketer including Javascript and PHP Code that tells if a Website Visitor is a Human or Search Engine and Hidden Stealth Backlink Building.

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The Affiliate Switchblade Javascript Evil 4 Affiliates Software contains some of the most high powered, unknown Javascript and PHP script codes specifically for the Affiliate Marketer. These Scripts include:

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  • Affiliate Script Code to differentiate if a site visitor is a human or a search engine bot. You can then show the bot what they want to see (search engine optimized version) and human what you want them to see.
  • Affiliate Script Code that 'allows' others to do your backlink building for you and they won't even know it.
  • Affiliate Script Code so that if a visitor to your site is a search engine bot the code does nothing but if its a human immediately redirects to affiliate page so affiliate cookie is dropped and chance of conversion skyrockets.

Watch this short video revealing more about the Javascript Evil 4 Affiliates Script Codes

Image of Javascript Evil 4 Affiliates Software Program.

Image of Javascript Evil 4 Affiliate Software Program.

Don't let search engines tell you what is OK and what is not when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. Javascript Evil 4 Affiliates lets you design your Affiliate Sites and Blogs Posts the way YOU want to instead of the way they think you should.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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