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100% Free Software To Fully Cloak Affiliate Links Using .htaccess. Affiliate Switchblade Free HTACCESS Link Cloaker Can Cloak Unlimited Number Of Affiliate Links And Store Them All In a Single File.

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Affiliate Switchblade 100% FREE HTACCESS Link Cloaking Software quickly makes 100% PHP Cloaked Long Affiliate Links extremely fast with no knowledge of HTACCESS Cloaking whatsoever.

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Protecting and hiding your affiliate links and the commissions is so easy and fast with the Affiliate Switchblade Free HTACCESS Link Cloaker Software.

Watch the short video below to see just how fast and easy it is to implement .htaccess link cloaking with Affiliate Switchblade HTACCESS Link Cloaker Software

The biggest advantages to .htaccess method of cloaking is:

  • The path to the file (everything after can be completely fake and not even exist on the web server.
  • You can cloak an UNLIMITED number of affiliate links.
  • All your cloaked and hidden links reside in one single file for ease of use and modification.

Disadvantages to .htaccess Link Cloaking

  • The url to .htaccess cloaked affiliate link is in the format of
    so it looks like an affiliate link. In other words .htaccess link cloaking does not allow for direct linking to the affiliate website.
See how to link directly to the affiliate page without any redirects using Stealth Affiliate Links

This Free HTACCESS Link Cloaker software is easy to use but comes with step by step instructions, with video, should you need assistance. You may also call us (860)733-5441.

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