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Simple Formula For Linking and Connecting your Domain Name to your Web Host so when visitors type your it shows your Website and Web pages

Linking Domain Name to Web Host Shortcut Quick Links

This web page is designed to be a step by step tutorial for new affiliate marketers on how to connnect your domain name (the with your web host so when visitors type your domain name in their browser your website shows in their web browser. For best results follow the tutorial in order starting with #1 then proceed to #2, etc. If you have any questions about connecting your domain together with your website contact affiliate switchblade by email or call us (860)733-5441.

What is Linking or Pointing Domain to Web Host?

Diagram showing how typing a web address into browser translates into displaying of the right web pages in the web browser.

When someone types a web address into a web browser or clicks on a link in a web page the web browser first connects to a domain name server to find out where the computer (web host) is that has the pages and files that make up the desired website. The process of pointing and linking your domain name to the right web host (your web host) tells the domain name server this information.

How to Link your Domain Web Address to your Web Host

Correctly pointing your domain or internet web address is actually quite easy. Follow the directions below.

Image of Fatcow web hosting showing where to find the web hosts nameservers.
finding the nameservers of any web hosting
is fairly straightforward and easy.

If you purchased your Domain name from the same place your purchased your Web Hosting you DO NOT need to link your domain with your host.

For example, if your purchased your domain name at Godaddy and purchased your Web Hosting at Godaddy then the domain is already correctly pointed. If you purchased your domain name and web hosting from different places then follow the step by step instructions below for linking your domain name to your web host.

  1. Find out what your web hosts nameservers are. These are two internet addresses that look like and In fact those ARE the two nameservers for fatcow. There are two ways to find out this info. When you selected and signed up for web hosting you were sent a welcome email from the webhost that contains your account details such as username and password. The two domain name servers for that web host might be in that email. If they are not you simple have to log on to your web host and the two domain name servers will be there. For step by step visual instructions watch the videos of how to obtain your domain name servers at fatcow, how to obtain your domain name servers at godaddy, how to obtain your domain name servers at hostgator. If the web host you chose is not one of those, not to worry, as the process is quite similar with all web hosts so watch one or two of the videos and you will easily be able to figure how to get the nameservers for your webhost.
  2. Copy and paste both nameservers in notepad or write them down.
  3. Go to where purchased your domain name and log in.
  4. Click on the link on the page that says something like Domains or Domains Management or Your Domains.
  5. Select your domain.
  6. Look for the entry that says Nameservers. There should be a link nearby that says Manage or Update or Edit. Click that link.
  7. Enter your web hosts nameservers in the appropriate textboxes.

Image of Godaddy domain management showing how to navigate to edit and change nameservers.
editing your domain names nameservers
is fairly straightforward and easy.

There is going to be a small wait time between when you update the nameservers and when they actually get updated online. This wait time is anywhere between a couple of hours up to 24 hours.

Video Tutorial Obtaining Nameservers from Web Hosts

How to Get Nameservers from Fatcow Hosting

How to Get Nameservers from Godaddy Hosting

How to Get Nameservers from Hostgator Hosting

Step by Step Success Action Plan

Below is a checklist or action plan. Nothing happens until you take action. Complete each of the items below starting with the first. Check them off as you complete them.

  1. Edit your domain names nameservers to they point to your web hosting account. (not necessary IF your purchased your domain name and web hosting from the same place).

Congratulations!! your domain now points to your web host so people can find and visit your money making website!! The fact you have proceeded this far in the tutorial on affiliate marketing for beginnners means you are a doer and not a talker and I can guarantee you will be successful. Move on to the next lesson Install Wordpress on Domain

DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETE THIS STEP FIRST!! What counts in life is action. Its all about taking action and taking action NOW! Do step #1 homework assignment right now and get it done.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about how to connect and link your domain name web address to your web hosting account then submit them below. We are notified immediately of all comments and will respond. You can also use the Contact Us form.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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