How To Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

For Beginners Only - Step By Step Instructions For Effective Affiliate Marketing - How To Make Money Online As An Affiliate If You Are Brand New To Affiliate Marketing.

This page is a Step by Step tutorial on how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing if you are new to Affiliate Marketing

The Step by Step Affiliate Money Making Plan

  1. [Choose a Niche or Category].
  2. [Get your own Domain Name].
  3. [Get Webhosting].
  4. [Point Domain Name to Web Host].
  5. [Install Wordpress to your Domains Web Host].
  6. [Setting up Wordpress for Affiliate Sales].
  7. [How to find Best Keywords for Website].
  8. [How to find Cash Paying Affiliate Programs].

Image of bull having a bowel movement (bullshit). If you are brand new to affiliate marketing and aspire to make money online trying to find the answers on the Internet can be the source of confusion and more questions than answers. This is mostly due to unscrupulous people online trying to take advantage of being a newbie and your ignorance when it comes to making money online. Many will have you believe making money online is really difficult and complicated.

The step by step formula is actually quite simple. Some of the skills you will have to learn along the way may seem confusing at first but this tutorial is specifically aimed at complete beginners and newbies to Affiliate Marketing and making money online.

Important Ground Rules for Beginning Affiliates

Forget about sales hype and the latest, greatest, money making secrets online!

While looking for the answers to making money online you, invariably, will come across more than a handful of websites that claimed to have the most wonderful, protected, secrets to making money online that you can have for a mere $50 or $60 in the form of an E-book or instructional videos.

Image of sarcastic make money online scheme.
What their websites would look like if the
affiliate money making websites
weren't full of shit.

If their methods for making money online are so incredible and so wonderful do you really think they'd be selling it to you for $50 or $60 or at any price?? Or do you think they'd actually be employing the methods they are trying to sell you to make a fortune that they are promising you can make?

Believe me, I know from experience, it is so so tempting to want to believe what these web pages and web sites are selling. The fancy text, inspiring images, and big and bold promises draw you in hook, line, and sinker. Just follow the step by step plan laid out below and you will succeed. This I promise you. For inspiration have a look at my personal story.

The most important aspect for succeeding online making an income you can live on and much more is persistence. Just follow the exact steps laid out below and apply them every single day. Today the secret to making money online is posting lots and lots of content online that provide people with the information they are searching for. Embedded within that information will be your affiliate links. Affiliates Switchblade software designed save time.

About the ONLY resource I could and would recommend to help the aspiring beginner affiliate marketer is a site called Affilorama. They provide tutorials and good information without the sales hype and you can join free.


➀ Decide on a Niche or Category First.

difficulty level: [EASY]    time required: [1 - 3 hours]

A lot of beginner affiliates get this backwards. They pick a product and try to sell. You want to pick a category or niche first and here is why. To attract people who are going to click on your affiliate links you are going to post lots of content online at sites that let you create free websites and free blogs. By focusing on a specific product first instead of a niche you severely limit your ability to grow as an beginner affiliate and your income becomes tied to a single product. BAD IDEA!

Image of category search for finding lots of profitable niche markets. categories search is an excellent place
for new affiliates to find tons of niche ideas.

Most new affiliates get bogged down by being concerned with finding the right product that will sell well and make a lot of money online. Almost no matter which niche you select there will be tons of products you can sell and make a commission with.

Most beginner affiliates make the mistake of being product oriented. They rush out and look for a product to promote and they begin making posts about it online with their affiliate link contained within.

This is a HUGE mistake because [...]

➁ Select and Get a Domain Name that will be your main Money Making Websites Home.

difficulty level: [MODERATE]    time required: [30 - 60 minutes]

Your own domain is the actual string of characters, i.e., website address that people type in the web browser to visit your website.

Selection of the actual words and characters that make up your domain name is extremely important.

Image of domain name that is easy to type and remember.
it's extremely important to get a domain name
that's easy to type and remember.

On the internet your domain name is essentially your business name. It's how people, with money to spend, identify with you, remember you, and visit you. It's your online identity.

Follow these simple step by step tips to make the process of getting your domain name fast, easy, painless and effective.

  1. Choose a .com domain NOT .net or .info or .org or any other domain but .com. Search engines tend to favor .coms over other domains which means a .com domain will be easier to have rank higher in search engines (appear closer to the first page of search results at the top of the page) faster. This means more traffic and more affiliate sales. Getting and maintaining a .com domain name only costs $10 [...]

➂ Get the Simplest, Least Expensive, Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing.

difficulty level: [MODERATE]    time required: [1 - 2 hours]

Web hosting is the computer on the internet that hosts the files that make up your website. You don't have to worry about the technical details of this as the next tutorial covers how to have a fully functioning, fantastic looking website without having to know a thing about making websites by means of what is called a content management system (Wordpress).

Many people think that by purchasing the domain name in the previous step they have purchased the web hosting. The two are different. A good analogy is think of your website as a money making business. The domain name is the address to the business. The web hosting is the actual physical building itself.

Image of typical web host offering different plans at different prices with a circle around the least expensive host plan.
Most hosting companies have different packages
and prices. For affiliate marketing the
cheapest hosting package is fine.

The good news is web hosting, like a domain name, is quite inexpensive, at a couple of dollars per month. More good news, for the purpose of affiliate marketing you will only need the least expensive type of web hosting there is because you only need one [...]

➃ Link or Point your new Domain Name to your Web Host.

difficulty level: [EASY]    time required: [15 - 30 minutes]

After getting a domain name ( and web hosting (the hosting computer where the pages that make up your website are stored) the two have to be linked up so that when someone types your domain name web address into their web brower the 'internet' knows which web host computer (out of the thousands that exist) to route the visitors internet connection to.

Diagram showing how typing a web address into browser translates into displaying of the right web pages in the web browser.

pointing your domain name web address to your web host is easily accomplished by getting the two nameservers of your web host and entering these nameservers into you domain name account.

NOTE: if you purchased your domain name at the same place you purchased your web hosting then you must [...]

➄ How to Install Wordpress on your Domains Web Hosting Account.

difficulty level: [EASY]    time required: [20 - 30 minutes]

Wordpress is a content management systems which means that by installing Wordpress on your affiliate niche website you can make web pages and blog posts quickly by just typing in a text editor interface without having to know a single thing about html or programming.

Image of the Wordpress text editor interface.
If you can type then you can create a website
using Worpresses feature rich text editor.

Wordpress does everything in the background for you so that you, as an affiliate marketer, can concentrate on creating visitor attracting, money making web pages.

Installing Wordpress on any domain or web host is a fairly simple process and because Wordpress is so popular the step by step install and set up instructions are pretty much identical no matter who your web host is.

Video instructions for installing Wordpress can be found [...]

➅ How to Set Up Wordpress for SEO Affiliate Marketing.

Difficulty level: [EASY]    time required: [1 - 2 hours]

Wordpress works right out of the box but it is not optimized for SEO, affiliate sales and making money online. Fortunately, the setting changes we need to make are quite easy.

Image of the Wordpress text editor interface.
If you can type then you can create a website
using Worpresses feature rich text editor.

To optimize your Wordpress install for affiliate marketing and online sales we also want to install a few free plugins which make your Wordpress site betting and easier for you AND make Google and other search engines more happy.

On this page you will learn which few Wordpress themes are ideal for affiliate marketing and which plug ins you absolutely must have to optimize your money making affiliate site for [...]

➆ How to find Best Keywords for your Affiliate Website.

Difficulty level: [EASY]    time required: [2 - 3 hours]

This is where you figure what content and information to write about in your website. Using special research tools called keyword research tools you find out exactly what real people are typing in the search engines related to your niche topic.

Image of Jaaxy keyword research tool results for 'traing german shepherds'.
If you can type then you can create a website
using Worpresses feature rich text editor.

This is so important because via keyword research tools you find out exactly what information people are searching for related to your affiliate sites topic. For example lets say the niche you are focusing on as an affiliate is about training german shepherds. By entering that phrase in the Keyword Research Tool you will see the numerous, exact related keyword phrases people are typing into search engines and which ones have lowest competition.

So for example lets say you enter training dogs into the keyword tool. You will see 350 people every month are [...]

➇ How to find Affiliate Programs that Pay you.

Difficulty level: [EASY]    time required: [1 - 2 hours]

This is where you find products and services you can recommend from your affiliate website that will pay you as much as 75% every time someone clicks on one of your affiliate links on your affiliate website and purchases that product or service.

Image of Clickbank affiliate programs sample.
Clickbank is just one of the many
online places to find affiliate programs.

This step is how you actually will make money from your affiliate website. This step in the affiliate tutorial will show you how and where to find companies that pay you commissions for offering or recommending their products and/or services related to your affiliate niche from your website. I will also show you how to sign up for these affiliate programs so you get accepted.

Once you find these affiliate programs I will show you how to interweave your affiliate links within your web page content in a natural manner so as to create trust with your website visitors which will increase your click through rates and money making [...]

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