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Simple Formula For How To Choose and Select the right Domain Name and how to Get and Purchase Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing

How To Select and Purchase a Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing Shortcut Quick Links

This web page is designed to be a step by step tutorial for new affiliate marketers on how to choose and purchase the right domain name for affiliate marketing. For best results follow the tutorial in order starting with #1 then proceed to #2, etc. If you have any questions about selecting or buying a domain name then contact affiliate switchblade by email or call us (860)733-5441.

The Importance of the Right Domain Name Selection

Your domain is the actual string of letters or characters that people type in their web browser to visit your website. Think of a domain name as the telephone number to your website. You want to choose a domain name that is:

  1. As short as possible.
  2. Easy to remember.
  3. Easy to type.
  4. Can be verbally communicated to another person without having to explain or spell it out.

An example of a good domain name is It meets all four criteria above right? An example of a bad domain name is This domain name meets none of the criteria above.

Image of domain name that is easy to type and remember.

Once you register a domain name it can't be changed. If, for some reason, you feel you made a mistake with a domain name selection you can always purchase a new one without problems but it's just easier to get it right the first time.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Choose a .com domain NOT .net or .info or .org or any other domain but .com. Search engines tend to favor .coms over other domains which means a .com domain will be easier to have rank higher in search engines (appear closer to the first page of search results at the top of the page) faster. This means more traffic and more affiliate sales. Getting and maintaining a .com domain name only costs $10 per year.
  2. Choose a domain name with words in it related to the niche you chose in Step #1 of the Beginner Affiliate Marketing Course, How to Choose an Affiliate Niche and Find Products to Sell. So, for example, if you chose the bodybuilding niche choose a domain like or Doing so makes sense for obvious but also not so obvious reasons including the fact you are likely to rank higher up in search results because topic keywords are part of the domain in addition to the fact it makes it easier for your visitors to remember your site.
  3. Avoid special characters, such as hyphens - and underscores _ in your domain name. This makes it a little harder to find an available domain name but this is important simply because anything other than letters and/or numbers in your domain name makes it harder for people to remember AND type. Which do you think is easier to type and remember: or
  4. Choose a domain name that is short and contains no more than 25 characters (the part between www. and .com) for the same reasons of site visitors ease of typing and ease of remembering.
  5. The longer you register your domain name for the better. This information IS available to the major search engines via simple whois lookup. If you only register your domain for one year the search engines are more inclined to view your website and domain as spam. If you register your domain for 10 years it shows the search engines you are a serious business and are in it for the long haul. This translates into better search engine rankings. Are you hesitant to register a domain name for that long because your are not sure this affiliate marketing thing is going to work? You are either committed and will succeed or are not committed and you will not succeed. If you need a pep talk or have questions as a beginner affiliate then call me (860)733-5441. Helping people make money online is MY passion and niche that I am committed to. Don't believe me? Do a whois search for Affiliate Switchblade and look for the line that says Registrar Registration Expiration Date:. You will see THIS sites domain name registration is good through the year 2024. THAT is committment.

How to Purchase your Domain Name

The process of getting your domain name is not complicated. With all domain registrars the process of buying a domain name is very similar. There will be a page with a domain search box at the top.

  • Enter the domain name you are hoping for.
  • You will shown as to whether than domain is available or not.
  • If the domain you want is not available the domain registrar site will offer alternative suggestions.
  • Keep persisting until you find the right domain name for you that is available. Take the time to get it right the first time.
  • Once you have successfully found an available domain name DO NOT purchase ANY additional suggested options such as other domains, email addons, etc. For the purpose of making money online and affiliate sales this is totally unnecessary and a waste of money.

Image of Godaddy domain purchase page with various domain upgrades and extras suggested.
Don't waste your money on ANY suggested upgrades
such as additional domain names, email services, etc.

Reliable, Inexpensive, Domain Name Purchase Companies

The following domain name registrars are large, well known and reliable. I personally have always used Godaddy because they are the biggest and most well known place to purchase domain names.

  • Godaddy (click on DOMAINS link at top of page).
  • NameCheap (click on DOMAINS link at top of page).
  • Hostgator. (click on DOMAINS link at top of page)

What happens after Registering Domain Name

Immediately after purchasing your domain name you will receive an email from the company which will contain important information such as your log in details so you can access information about your domain such as expiration date, nameservers, etc. Save this email in a safe place for future reference.

Step by Step Success Action Plan (homework)

  1. Go to one of the domain name registrars listed above and find a domain name you can register right now that meets the criteria indicated above (no special characters, words in it related to your niche, no more than 25 characters).
  2. Register that domain for AT LEAST 5 years.

Congratulations!! You now own a peice of the web that will soon be your money making, cash spitting peice of the web!! The fact you have proceeded this far in the tutorial on affiliate marketing for beginnners means you are a doer and not a talker and I can guarantee you will be successful. Move on to the next lessson how to get web hosting.

DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETE THIS STEP FIRST!! What counts in life is action. Its all about taking action and taking action NOW! Do step #2 homework assignment immediately and get it done.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about how to choose the right domain name for affiliate marketing or how and where to buy a domain name then submit them below. We are notified immediately when a comment is submitted and will reply. You can also use the Contact Us form.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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