Seo And Link Diversity - Seo Link Building 2015 And Beyond

The Importance Of Backlink Diversity In Your Seo Backlink Building Efforts Online

As an affiliate marketer your goal is clear and simple:

  • Create LOTS of content online, optimized for as many keyword and keyword phrases as possible, that will get indexed and displayed by search engines, and have as much of that content as possible appear on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Anything you do as an affiliate marketer has that as the backbone goal. If you successfully accomplish that goal you will make a lot of money online. The whole purpose of Affiliate Switchblade Affiliate Software is to make reaching this goal faster, easier, more effectively.

As you create content online at sites like weebly, wix, etc., your content is going to have back links that point either to your website or your affiliate site. If you keep creating backlinks with the same words as the anchor text and the exact same url/web address this is going to have a less powerful effect than if you have links for the same and related keywords pointing to many different locations FROM many different locations online. This is called link diversity.


Graphic showing different elements of link diversity in SEO.

If you post hundreds or thousands of articles, blog posts and web pages where the back link to your affiliate offer or any webpage is the same all the time this is more likely to be viewed as webspam by the search engines. This hurts your main goal as an affiliate marketer as indicated above. By the same token you don't want your content to be the same either. This is why effective online content building often involves article spinning and other, unique, content syndication tactics (assuming the article spinning is quality with lots of variations and lots of different and varied links) to ensure link diversity and content diversity.

Essentially, effective content and link diversity involves:

  1. Creating lots of different content.
  2. Having the content have lots of different links pointing to many different places.
  3. Posting that content on as many different web properties as possible.

AffiliateSwitchblade handles these issues with several built in software programs such as the 100% Free Website BuildersUrl Shortenr and Instant Link Inserter apps.

➀ The 100% FREE WEBSITE BUILDERS has a giant list of over 50+, high page rank, website builders (like weebly and wix) you can use to build websites and blogs online.
This creates Link Diversity in the sense that your content and back links are coming from many, many different web properties online.

Image of AffiliateSwitchblade software 100% free website content blog builder sites online.

➁The URL SHORTENERS allows you to enter your affiliate link or any other link, press a button, and have that same exact link point to multiple urls via the built in link shortening services. Even though all of the links created through the shortening services all redirect to take the visitor to the same web address, the actual url the link points to is different.
This creates link diversity in the sense that your backlinks, although take your visitor to the same place (your affiliate website), point to many different urls.

Image of AffiliateSwitchblade software url shorten app.

➂The INSTANT LINK INSERTER lets you store unlimited number of keywords and keyword phrases and associate each of them with as many different urls as you wish. Once the keywords and urls have been added you simply insert an article or piece of content into the textbox and press the Insert Links button and the software instantly converts keywords and keyword phrases within the content into links.
This creates link diversity because the Instant Links Inserter software randomly chooses from one of the urls you associate with each keyword/keyword phrase so the web address of the anchor text within your content varies and is not the same.

Image of AffiliateSwitchblade software instant links inserter app.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts, head of Google, on backlinking tactics and the importance of Link Diversity for better SEO and rankings.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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