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How To Add Affiliate Links. Set Up An Unlimited Predefined List Of Keywords And Associated Urls, Enter A Piece Of Content, Push A Button, Those Keywords Get Hyperlinked Instantly. Instant Links Inserter Software.

Shortcuts to Converting Keywords to Affiliate Links or Other Links:

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When it comes to affiliate marketing rapid, UNIQUE, content creation is essential. Instant Links Inserter Software is one of the affiliate marketing software tools contained with AffiliateSwitchblade Software that allows you to take any piece of content, article or web page, click a button and predefined keywords and keyword phrases automatically become hyperlinked.

Instant Links Inserter is how to add affiliate links or any kind of links to your content quickly. Sort of like MaxBlogPress Ninja Links or Auto Affiliate Links Pro except:

  • Instant Links Inserter is a stand-alone program so you are not limited to Wordpress content. The problem with an affiliate link plugin is it only works on content that uses the Wordpress content management system. What about content you post at other sites you don't own like Weebly or Wix or Tumblr and the dozens of other, similar, free, online website builder and blog sites?
  • Instant Links Inserter is far less expensive than any other at just $19 AND includes lots of other affiliate software too.

Unlimited number of urls (or just one url) can be associated with each keyword so each time you click the Insert Links button each of the keywords gets hyperlinked with different urls so new content you create and post does not have repeating, duplicate links. Instant Links Inserter is the ultimate in rapid content creation via unique content and online link diversity.

Content Spinning for Links

The way Instant Links Inserter works is you create an association between keywords and urls. The urls should be urls of content closely related to the keywords. Ideally the urls you associate with keywords are urls of website pages or blog posts you have written so you are linking to your own content but you could do a Google search for the keyword and use urls displayed in the search results.

The idea is to have many urls associated with each keyword. When Instant Links Inserter scans your content or article and finds any of these keywords you have entered it will randomly grab one from the many associated urls you input during setup.

Instant Links Inserter can be used for ANY type of link and ANY word, phrase or keyword - not JUST affiliate links

Instant Affiliate Link Instructions

Here are step by step instructions for using the Instant Links Inserter software. You can refer to the instant links inserter image below for guidance. Each of the instruction step numbers below corresponds with the number in the image.

➀ Launch AffiliateSwitchblade software program.  Image of Affiliate Switchblade exe.

➁ Click the Instant Links Inserter button. Image of Instant Links Inserter button.

➂ Add one or more keywords in the keywords textbox separated by a commas. If you enter more than one keyword make sure the additional keywords are very closely related.

➃ Enter a list of urls/web addresses pointing to content that is closely related to the keyword. The more urls you enter here the better. The more urls you enter, each time you click the Insert Links button the software has a greater variety of links to randomly choose from. This ensures link diversity in your content and allows you to post spun articles and spun content on Free Website and Blog Creation sites with better results because of the diversified link profile.

The urls you choose should, ideally, be content you have already created and publish online. This could be content related from:

  • Your own websites.
  • Content you have posted at online blogs such as Weebly, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.
  • Urls pointing to videos or images.
  • If you don't have your own content published yet you can do a Google search for the keyword and use urls to pages on the first and second page of the search results.
  • If the content you want to link to is your Affiliate Link then you can convert that link into multiple, different domain, Affiliate Links using Links Shortening services or just use the Link Shortener Software.

➄ Press the Add button. The keyword(s) and associated urls are added to the list below. At any time you can modify or remove the keywords and/or urls by double clicking an entry in the list.

➅ Keep repeating steps ➂ - ➄ until you have thought up as many keyword/associated url combinations you can think of. Think of as many keywords as you can that you may wish to link to in content you create now and in the future. You can always, add, remove, modify keywords and associated urls at any time. They are saved for you when you shut down AffiliateSwitchblade so you don't have to worry about losing them.

Every time you post content, whether it be on your own website or a third party website like blogger, tumblr, etc., add that web page and associated keywords to the Instant Links Insert software program. Over time the list of keywords and urls will become huge.

➆ Select/check options related to the links the software will create.

Image of Instant Links Inserter options related to links created.

  • Spin Article: check this box if you are entering an article in spin syntax format.
  • Open Links in New Windows: checking this box adds the html code target="_blank" to the links so the open in a new window or browser tab when clicked.
  • Only Links not Pointing to Url in Green Textbox: checking this box will only add the code to open links in a new window for urls that take the user to a different website. A good rule of thumb is any links that take the visitor off your website should be opened in a new window and links that point to the same site where the link is should open in the same window. If you check the box make sure to enter the url/web address of the current site (the site the article you are using Instant Links Inserter on) in the green textbox.
  • Nofollow Links not Pointing to: this will all rel="nofollow" to any links that take the visitor off the current site. Make sure to enter the url of the current site in the green textbox.

➇ Input an article or piece of content into the textbox with the number 8 pointing to it.

➈ Press the Insert Links button. Instant Links Inserter will scan your content for keywords you entered during the setup process in step ➂. When it finds them the html code for making a hyperlink out of the keyword will automatically be inserted. Even with a very large, wordy piece of content, the entire process takes a fraction of a second. At any time you can press the original button to access the original content, unlinked.

Image of Instant Links Inserter software program with numbers pointing to features.

Use the Link Shortener software with AffiliateSwitchblade to turn each of the links/urls you add in step into many more! If you input 5 urls in step , using the Link Shortener for each of them turns 5 urls into over 30!

Use Article Spin Shuffle to create unique content and insert the spun articles into Instant Links Inserter to insert the links.

Video Instructions how to use Instant Links Inserter

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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