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How To Create Unlimited Instant Email Addresses With Fake Online Identity For Creating Unlimited Free Accounts At Free Website And Free Blog Online Sites

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Why do we need to Create Unlimited Instant Email and Fake Online Identity?

To successfully make money online as an affiliate marketer involves one core goal: post as much content online as possible that attracts internet traffic website visitors who purchase the product or service you are an affiliate marketer for.

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All things being equal, the more content you post online, both on your website and free website and blog creation sites online like weebly and Wix, the more visitors you are going to get and the more money you are going to make. But here is the problem. The online content creation sites only allow you to post so much content. How do we get around this?


Here is successful affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

  1. Find out what people are searching for in your niche/subject using keyword tools such as GoogleKeyword Tool, Jaaxy, Micro Niche Finder and Long Tail Pro.
  2. Create webpages on your website, each page optimized for each specific keyword. Make each of the pages on your own website the absolute best, top notch content that people and search engines are going to love and share which helps bring more traffic and backlinks which raise your search engine rankings and placement.
  3. Create pages of the same related keyword phrases and topics that are altered (via quality spin software such as Super Article Spin Shuffle, Super Article Spinner or Content Professor) on the free online website and blog creation sites. Have the links from each of these pages pointing back to the page on your website of the same topic.

In order to successfully accomplish step #3 you need to be able to created multiple identities online, meaning you are going to need multiple instant email addresses (ideally disposable, fake, instant email addresses) with new fake first name, last name, etc to go along with each fake email account. The reason you need these email addresses is because all of the content creation sites require you to confirm your online website or blog creation via a confirmation email.

Diagram showing relationship of content creation sites pages linking back to your webpages.

Creating Fake Email Addresses

Creating unlimited instant fake email accounts can be accomplished by visiting any number of sites offering free, fake, disposable, email addresses such as fakeinbox or Stop My Spam. Most of the fake, temporary email services give you a fake email address where you can receive email messages from the account creation sites so you can confirm and use the sites to create more new content online.

Affiliate Switchblades Fake ID + Instant Disposable Email make this creation of fake instant accounts much faster and easier by creating and instant email along with a full fake online identity with a mouse click without having to visit a website.

Creating Fake Identity

Creating the fake identity part is really just a matter of using your imagination. How hard can it be to think up a fake first and last name, etc. But if you don't want to have to tax your imagination at all, in this respect, there is a even a site for that called FakeNameGenerator which goes even so far as to provide fake credit card number, address and much more to go along with your fake identity.

Creating Fake Email and Fake Identity with AffiliateSwitchblade

AffilateSwitchblade really simplifies and quickens the entire process of creating a fake identity with a disposable email to go along with it. The AffiliateSwitchblade ID CREATOR + DISPOSABLE EMAIL creates the email, first and last name, password and username, literally in one single second with a click of a button.

How to create instant email and fake identity with AffiliateSwitchblade:

  1. Click the Get New Identity link of the software program. In about a second all the fields get filled out including email address, first name, last name, first and last name, username, password, username. Pasting these in the websites that require them is as simple as double clicking any of the text fields in AffiliateSwitchblade which causes the contents of that text field to be copied to clipboard so you can paste it in the appropriate field at the website.
  2. Any time you wish to check the inbox of the newly created disposable email address click the Check Email Inbox link.
  3. These steps can be repeated an unlimited number of times to instantly create a full fake online identity with instant email addresses for confirming accounts online.

Image of AffiliateSwitchblade with the Fake Email + Fake ID software tab activated.

Create Fake Real Identity via Fake Drivers License

Since we are covering the topic of creating fake identities why not including creating real fake ID in the form of authentic fake drivers license. Believe it or not there are one or two good sites for that as well including SouvenirIds and RealID. We can't personally vouch for the quality of the ID's produced. That is something you will have to investigate on your own.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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