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How To Do Keyword Research By Using The Right External Online Keyword Research Tools To Find The Highest Search Volume Lowest Competition Long Tail Keywords Phrases For Perfect Seo.

Proper keyword research involves using the RIGHT external online keyword research tools and NOT use the same keyword research tools every other affiliate marketer is using.

The key to successful and profitable affiliate marketing is creating a lot of online posts and web pages that give the information people are looking for.

The way you find what people are searching for is discovered by using keywords tools that tell you exactly what people are searching for in your niche and how many people are searching. Start out with a root or general keyword. The keyword tool will return back to you dozens of more specific, exact phrases people are typing into the search engines.

You DON'T want to make the mistake of using the same keyword tools thousands of other affiliates are using. All these people are targeting the same 'low competition' keyword phrases so they are no longer low competition.

Image of the worst seo keyword research tool there is.

Free keywords tools include:

I am always in favor of free but the main problem with the free keyword tools:

  • Accuracy of search volume is questionable.
  • They don't include the long tail keyword phrases
  • Everyone and their mother is using the free tools so the competition for ranking for these keywords is through the roof. This is especially true of the Google keyword tool.

If you can afford a few bux the advantages of paid keyword research tools over free are obvious:

  • Reveals long tail keyword phrases (these are the keywords phrases that will be much easier to rank for).
  • Competition of the keyword phrases is shown so it is easy to pick the ones you can rank highly for much faster and easier.
  • Keyword phrases are revealed that will not be found in the free keyword tools

Here is a list of keyword tools to consider:

  • Wordtracker: I am only discussing this one because it is advertised a lot and well known. This one USE to be good but no more. Fairly expensive as well at around $350 for a year.
  • Long Tail Pro: $97 one time but comes with free trial. Fairly good program for keywords. Enter a root keyword and a list of related keywords and competition is revealed.
  • Jaaxy: $19 per month or $199 for one year. Excellent keyword tool. Free trial. Shows lots of long tail keywords YOU WON'T find in the others that are conveniently competition color coded. Red and Yellow ones tougher to rank for. Just target any and all of the green ones.

This is the Jaaxy keyword research panel in the members area.

Image of inside members area of Jaaxy keyword research tool.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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