Article Content Spinning And Shuffling Secrets

How To Spin Content Powerfully By Replacing Words And Phrases Plus Shuffle Content Which Rearranges Order Of Content For Completely Unique Content With Every Spin

This page details how to successfully spin AND shuffle content you post online for the most powerful, unique, non duplicate content ever.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is creating a lot of online content that provides information people are looking for.

The way you find what people are searching for is discovered by using external keywords tools that tell you exactly what people are searching for in your niche and how many people are searching.

Once you have used a keyword tool to gather the low competition keywords:

  1. Create a top notch page on your website, oriented around one of these long tail, low competition, keywords/keyword phrases providing people with the information they are looking for. This, by itself, will attract a certain amount of traffic to your site. The original page you create on your website MUST be of great quality. Take the time to make that page the very very best. Put your all into creating that page packed with great information people will love, bookmark and want to share.
  2. To take the power of this much further, syndicate that content meaning, reproduce that content (spun) on third party content creation sites. The syndicated content is a little more about QUANTITY than QUALITY. This is where we employ content spinning and shuffling. Unless you're pretty new to affiliate marketing you have probably heard of content spinning but, maybe not, content shuffling.

Diagram showing awesome power of combining content spinning with keyword spinning with sentence shuffling.


Content spinning is where words and phrases are replaced with synonym words and phrases. To make sure your syndicated content posted at the third party sites is not seen by the search engines as duplicate content it is important to get this part right.

If you take a little extra effort to do the content spinning the RIGHT way you can repost the same content, spun, dozens and dozens of times at all of the 50+ Free content posting sites.

Follow these powerful content spinning tips to ensure your content spin prepartion is done properly.

Don't just do spinning but do NESTED content spinning. AffiliateSwitchblade fully supports nesting spinning syntax in the Article Spinner Shuffler software AND Instant Links Inserter software.

To quickly show you the difference between spinning and nested spinning, scroll down to the Article Spinner Tool. Copy and paste the following line of text into the Article Spinner Tool textbox and click the SPIN button several times to see the result.

Here is an example of OK or average content spinning setup:

{Making|Earning|Doing things to make} {money|cash|an income} {is|can be} {fun|rewarding|exciting}.

This is your basic, run of the mill, content spinning most affiliate marketers do. Nested spinning involves adding the spin syntax to the words and phrases within the pipe characters and brackets.

Here is an example of much better content spinning setup:

{Making|Earning|{Doing things|Engaging in {tasks|projects}|Taking the {effort|initiative}} to {make|earn|rake in}} {money|cash|{an income|a six figure income}} {{is|is always}|can be} {fun|rewarding|exciting}.

Copy and paste THIS example in Article Spinner Tool below and you will see each time you click the SPIN button the content produced is more varied and more unique.

Article Spinner Tool

As you can see putting in a little bit of extra time and care when setting up your spinning will go a long way. When posting content on the third party online website and blog builders speed is important (the more content you get out there more quickly the more content that gets indexed with links pointing back to your main site and increased traffic) but quality will allow you to post your syndicated content to many more sites without it being see as duplicated content or spam.

When thinking up synonym word and phrase replacements try to concentrate on phrase replacements more than single words

Also try to come up with replacements that are not synonyms but replacements that mean something totally different if possible. For example take this sentence:

If you learn how to make money online you can sleep when you wish.

Lets take the phrase make money online. You could just do synonym replacements like this:

{make money online|earn money on the internet|earn a living with internet marketing}

which would be ok but even more powerful would be something like this:

{make money online|quit your job|have real financial freedom|be your own boss}

Do you see how in the second example our replacements are not REALLY synonyms but are actually phrases saying something different? Remember the secret with effective article spinning is to pump out articles fast AND make all of the seem like unique content to the search engines. To take the example further, we can include nested spinning for even more power and content uniqueness:

{{make money|create {wealth|real wealth}} {online|on the internet}|{quit|fire} your {job|boss|nine to five}|{have|enjoy|bath in} real {financial|monetary} {freedom|independence}|be {{your own|the} boss|the {one|man in charge} who {calls the shots|tells you what to do}}}

The overall difference in output quality is dramatic. True, you do have to spend more time preparing the spun content but it is well worth it.

If article spinning is new to you dealing the the {||} syntax might seem weird and awkward to you but, trust me, it is worth taking the time to prepare you content properly for the free online websites and blogs. It will a HUGE difference in the search engine position of the content and thus the number of visitors.

Don't forget to also use the Instant Links Inserter software to have your links be spun as well.


Shuffling the content you have properly spun slam dunks the unique content issue. Article Shuffling is when the order of the sentences is spun or mixed up as well. For example, lets take these un-spun sentences:

Making money online is fun. There really is no better way to get paid than internet wealth. If you are like most people you probably hate your job. There is nothing worse than spending 8 hours a day doing something you have to.

Here is a shuffled version:

There is nothing worse than spending 8 hours a day doing something you have to. There really is no better way to get paid than internet wealth. Making online is fun. If you are like most people you probably hate your job.

You see how they are the exact same sentences but just in completely different order?

The secret to this is make every single sentence a stand-alone sentence. In other words, each of the sentences in your content have to be sentences that make sense, all by themselves, not dependant on any other sentence to make sense.

Try the Article Shuffler below to see this in action.

click the SHUFFLE button to see content shuffling in action.

Article Shuffle Tool

Do you see how the whole paragraph makes sense and is readable no matter the order of sentences? Think, for just a second, the incredible power of combining all the facets of high powered article content spinning shuffling as it relates to being able to create high volume, unique, content:

  • Creating nested spin syntax for each of the sentences.
  • Shuffling of sentences.

Super Article Spin Shuffle combines these two PLUS adds the concept of KEYWORD SPINNING as well.

Can you now see the incredible power of combining content spinning WITH content shuffling?

Article Spin Shuffle is a software program within AffiliateSwitchblade that allows you to BOTH spin AND shuffle content with a single mouse click.

How to use ArticleSpinShuffle Software

Follow these step by step instructions for properly setting up Article Spin Shuffle software. You can refer to the image of the software. Each of the numbers in the image correspond to the instruction number.

  1. Launch AffiliateSwitchblade.
  2. Click on the button Article Spin Shuffle on the left. Image of button to launch Article Spin Shuffle software.
  3. In the center textbox (the one with the number 3 arrow pointing to it) insert standalone sentences in spin format. Remember to use nested spinning for better results. Spending the extra time here will reap dividends.
  4. When you are done setting up a sentence click the up arrow button Image of button to add newly created spun sentences. to add the sentence to the sentence holding list box.
  5. Keep adding sentences in this manner. The more sentences you have the better. You should strive to add at least twice as many sentences as you would actually want in any created article. This will provide more content mixing when it comes to the shuffling aspect of Article Spin Shuffle. At any time you wish to edit sentences double click the sentence and it will re appear in the main center textbox (#3).
  6. When you are creating sentences you can choose to use a keyword holder instead of a particular word or phrase. Anywhere your sentences have the #KEYWORD1#, #KEYWORD2#, or #KEYWORD3# placeholders they will be replaced with what you specify in the #KEYWORD1#, #KEYWORD2#, or #KEYWORD3# textboxes at the top. These also support nested spinning syntax.
  7. To create a new spun and shuffled article select the # of tips dropdown box which lets you choose the number of sentences to include in an article. You can choose a number from between 1 up to the total number of sentences in the sentence holding list box.

    If you check the not spun checkbox, the article you create will include the spin syntax in the sentences, meaning the sentences will get shuffled but not spun. This is useful if you are going to put the sentences into another program that will do the spinning such as GSA search engine ranker or Wicked Article Creator. If you check the cr after sentences checkbox a blank line will be inserted between each of the sentences.
  8. Press the New button Image of the button to click to create new article. to create a new spun and shuffled article which will appear in the output window. Article Spin Shuffle will randomly select from the sentences. For example, if there are 20 total sentences and you select to use 11 sentences from step #7, Article Spin Shuffle will randomly select 11 of the 20 sentences, in random order, and spin each of the sentences as well. Just underneath the output window a label will indicate the number of words in the output content. Double click the output window to copy the article to clipboard.

Image of Article Spin Shuffle software with numbers corresponding with instructions.

Video Tutorial how to use Article Spin Shuffle

This video shows step by step instructions for successfully using Article Spin Shuffle to create high volume, extremely unique content, online.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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