Ping Utility

Instantly Ping any new Content you Create and Post Online with 8 built in Blog Ping Services Including Pingomatic, Google, Weblogs, Feedburner, Blogpeople, Twingly, and more.

What is Ping Utility?

The Ping Utility is a software program built into AffiliateSwitchblade software that allows you to send unlimited Pings about new content you have posted online. You can select any or all of the ping services.

List of Ping Servers Ping Utility Sends Pings to

Ping Services that the Ping Utility can send pings to include:

Note: clicking most of the above links will display an error page as the above urls are designed to accept the xml format, that sending out ping notifications via Ping Utility, provides.

How to Use Ping Utility to Send out Ping Notifications

Refer to the numbered images below that correspond to the instruction numbers.

  1. Run Affiliate Switchblade Software Program.
  2. Click the Affiliate Tools Aqua button on the left side of the software.
  3. Click on the Ping option button.
  4. Image of how to start the Ping Utility built into Affiliate Switchblade.
  5. In the text box labeled webpage title enter the title of the page you are going to Ping.
  6. In the text box labeled webpage url enter the url (full web address) of the page you are going to Ping.
  7. Select the desired list of Ping servers to notify of your newly created/posted online content.
  8. Press the Ping Selected button.
  9. The feedback window will show you the communications between the Ping servers and the Ping Utility program to verify success or failure of blog/content ping.
  10. Image of how to use the Ping Utility to send search engines and content aggregators notification of new content you have posted online.

How to Use Ping Utility to Send out Ping Notifications

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