Create Unlimited Accounts with 50+ Proxy Servers

Create Multiple Accounts at Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Weebly, ANY Content Creation Site via 50+ Proxy Servers Software.

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In less than ONE SECOND change your IP address and apparent geographical location enabling you to Create UNLIMITED Accounts Online for posting affiliate content. (50+ proxy servers/worldwid ip addresses)

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A HUGE part of being a successful affiliate marketer is being able to create LOTS of accounts on the same sites.

This is because the MORE content you can create online the more content that shows up in search results, the more traffic your website or blog will have and the more sales you will have.

The only problem is these content creation sites like Weebly, Wordpress and Youtube prohibit this and make difficult via IP tracking.

With 50+ Proxy Servers software you can easily circumvent this because you can instantly (with a mouse click) change your IP address instantly from a list of dozens all around the world.

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50+ Proxy Servers Software Features

  • 50+ Proxy Servers scrapes and speed tests only proxy servers that are either anonymous proxy servers (your computers information and IP are completely concealed but the websites you visit may know you are connecting to them via a proxy server) or high anonymous proxy servers (your computers information and IP are completely concealed and the destination websites have no idea you are using a proxy server).
  • Change your IP address instantly with a mouse click.
  • Change your IP address as often and frequently as you wish.

How to use 50+ Proxy Servers Software

  • Double click AffiliateSwitchblade.exe to run the program.
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  • Click the button that says 50+ Proxy Servers
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  • Select the minimum speed of the proxy servers that Affiliate Switchblade will scrape and save. A setting of 5 seconds means all the proxy servers will be very fast but there will be less of them. A setting of 15 seconds means slower proxy servers but a lot more of them. A setting of 10 seconds will be a compromise between the two.
    Image of Affiliate Switchblade 50+ Proxy Servers Button.
  • Press the Get Fresh Proxies button.
    Image of Affiliate Switchblade Get Fresh Proxies Button.
  • 50+ Proxy Servers software uses 4 threads simulaneously to scrape and speed test hundreds of online proxy server IP:Port combinations. As proxy servers that pass the speed test are found they are placed in the white list box. The entire scraping and testing process takes 5 - 10 minutes to complete.
    Image of 50+ Proxy Servers software in action, scraping and speed testing proxy servers.
  • To immediately change your apparent IP address and route your internet communications through a proxy server simply double click any of the IP:Port that appear in the white listbox. You do not have to wait for 50+ Proxy Servers software to complete scraping and testing to begin using the proxy servers.

Video of 50+ Proxy Servers Software

This video shows you exactly how 50+ Proxy Servers software works to scrape, speed test and save proxy servers IP:port. Changing your apparent IP address and route your internet traffic through any of the proxy servers in the list simply double click any of the IP:Port.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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