50+ Places To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money

List Of Over 50+ Places Online To Create A Blog Or Website For Free To Post Content That Gets Traffic And Makes Money.

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50+ FREE Website Builders software has over 50+ places online you can create 100% FREE Blogs and Websites (all page rank 6+ or higher) to build traffic and backlinks to make money online.

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Here is an image of the 50+ Free Website Builders Software Program showing the HUGE list of websites and blogs you can post content to.

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Places to create a blog or website free and make money include:

  • Wordpress (page rank 9).
  • Blogger (page rank 9).
  • Tumblr (page rank 8).
  • Weebly (page rank 8).
  • Wix (page rank 8).
  • Over 50 more free places, (page rank 6 or higher) to create blog or website.

To use any of these places to create a blog or website free to post content to and make money:

  1. Select any of the sites you want to create an account at with your mouse while holding the CTRL key (allows for multiple site/blog selections).
  2. Right click to bring up a content menu which allows you to either:
    • copy the urls to the selected sites/blogs urls to clipboard.
    • launch the selected blog/site urls in your default web browser.
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